The rooms

Travel the world whilst staying at our rooms

Travelling is a big part of our identity. Many places left us speachless and we’ve learned so much from this. That’s why you will see some subtile details in our B&B that refer to our travels. 

First of all… the name ‘Finca Escondida’. Besides the literal translation to ‘hidden property’, we also refer to our travels to ‘Puerto Escondido’, a sleepy town in Mexico on the West Coast. It literally means ‘hidden harbour’ and we have good memories about it. Furthermore, the rooms are decorated in Bali/Ibiza-style with the light and bright colors, rotan-style lights and earthy tints. 

Furthermore we’ve named our rooms to 2 places in the world that remain very special to us. The first one is ‘Koh Pha Ngan’, a remote island in the South of Thailand. We’ve spent there a few months and – besides Spain and the Netherlands – it definitely feels like home! Also, it was in march 2023 when we were there and we heard that everything around our Spanish house was finalized. The second one is Colombia: there we made the plans to settle in Spain and start a B&B. We’ve added some small details from these two places in the world. Can you find them in the room?

And of course – with using local products from Spain – this country is of course widely represented in our cozy B&B. Finca Escondida has the best of all worlds!

Room 1 - Koh Pha Ngan

One thing we love everytime we wake up in Koh Pha Ngan? The great weather, staying near the beach and the waving palmtrees. 

Well, guess what? From this room, you have a stunning view on our garden with the extra window – facing the beautiful palmtree. If you like exotic places, you will definitely feel at home in this room. 

Single room: 85 euros
Double room: 92,50 euros 

✓ Prices are excluding breakfast. You can book your breakfast for 7,50 per person, per day extra. 

Room 2 - Colombia

The ‘Latino’ culture, the Spanish music that blasts out of the speakers on every corner… we absolutely love this vibrant place! 

In this room you can dance the night away, since the room and bathroom are larger. You are a bit more hidden in the corner – which makes this room a perfect, private paradise. Just like Colombia is.

Single room: 80 euros
Double room: 87,50 euros

✓ Prices are excluding breakfast. You can book your breakfast for 7,50 per person, per day extra. 

A little sneak peek within this hidden gem... 👀

Both rooms include...

✓ Stunning views
✓ A super soft boxspring bed
✓ A private bathroom with rain shower 
✓  Nespresso coffeemaker and a kettle
✓ Optional: fresh, vegetarian breakfast by the pool 
An enormous (fruit) garden – where you can pick some fruits if you’d like
A tv with Chromecast – so you can stream your favorite shows. (Although we highly doubt you will use it – since there is so much to see and to do here!)