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Jody already lost her heart to Valencia-city in 2013?

As a 20-something I (Jody) went to Valencia to do my traineeship here. It was a big step to leave home, move to another country and not living with my parents for the first time. I improved my Spanish, learned to cook and clean all by myself and yes – to be honest, I’ve also partied a lot there. Sander swung by monthly because he couldn’t miss me (😉) and together we also explored the city many times. 

It was a life changing experience and after I left I knew: I’ll be back. Exactly 10 years later (almost on the same date) we bought a house here in Xàtiva. Not in Valencia-city, but in the Valencian region. A traditional Spanish town with a lot of history a great gastronomic scene, many festivities all year round and an excellent train connection to the city of Valencia. Since 2013 we’ve explored the Valencian region and we remain doing this. We’ll tell you the highlights in & around Xàtiva. 

kasteel xativa

Castle of Xàtiva

Xàtiva is well-known for its castle ‘Castillo the Xàtiva’. It is a historic fortress located in the town – overlooking the surrounding countryside.  The castle has a rich and storied history dating back over a thousand years.

This fort is originally built by the Iberians and later expanded and fortified by the Romans, Visigoths and Moors, each leaving their mark on its architecture and design. In the Middle Ages, it became an important strategic stronghold for the Kingdom of Valencia, serving as a key defensive position against invading forces.

You can go here by car – it’s about 15 minutes by car to the top. Or walk within 30 minutes from the historic city centre. 

xativa centrum

Xàtiva's city centre

Although you might never heard from Xàtiva, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. The ‘Socarrats’ (the name of the inhabitants in this town) know how to throw a good party!

During summer they host ‘Fira the Agosto’, the August-festivities with fire works, a funfair and all kinds of events. During Christmas there is a big Christmas stall and Christmas market and during the year there are many parades – for example during ‘Fallas’ and ‘Los 3 reyes’ (3 kings). 

The city centre offers a variety in restaurants: from traditional Spanish food up to Italian and Indian restaurants. Oh – and in the weekend at night the terraces on the big market are packed! A must-go. 

gandia beach


Ready to rock the beach? Within 45 minutes you can dip your toes in the sand or the Mediterranian Sea. The closest beach is Gandia – with a broad boulevard that gives you an instant holiday feeling. The nearby Gandia-town is also nice to visit. 

Other beaches to visit are those in Cullera, Oliva or a bit further in Javea and Denia.


Valencia & Alicante

Xàtiva is located between Valencia and Alicante – and you can fly on both airports to stay at Finca Escondida. Valencia is about 50 minutes by car and Alicante takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car. 

Also, there’s a direct train line between Xàtiva and Valencia and takes about an hour to get here. Even better: in 2024 you only pay 10 euros per person for unlimited train rights on regional trains. We can help you get this low fare if you are here. 

We know all ins and outs about Valencia – and where to go. And we can give you a few insider-tips about Alicante too. Or you can just wander around yourselves, there’s enough to do. 

paella albufera

Albufera's rice fields

You can’t leave Spain without trying paella. The traditional rice dish is a typical lunch dish. The source of the rice is Albufera  – a national park 45 minutes away from Xàtiva. 

The ‘paella Valenciana’ is typical for this region and usually is prepared with rice, saffron, chicken, rabbit and some fresh vegetables. The fish-version is ‘paella marisco’ and for the vegetarians amongst us, more and more restaurants offer ‘paella de verduras’ (vegetable paella). 

And why not eat it right at it’s source? In the nature park you’ll find different villages where you can eat this dish freshly prepared. We are happy to make a reservation for you. 


A unique experience

This area has so much to offer. From hiking in ‘Chorradores’ or visiting the blue lakes of Guadalest. Looking for a personalized experience? We’ve got you covered! 

We can help you with booking excursions, make a personalized roadtrip or even planning your whole trip! Just contact us – and we’re happy to help.  

A little sneak peek within this hidden gem... 👀