House rules

The last thing we like to do, is being policemen...;-)

…But to assure a pleasant stay for you & our fellow guests, it’s important to explain some rules and set some boundaries. In that way, you know what to expect and you’ll have the best time with us! 

  • Pets are not allowed in our B&B. The floating flamingo in the pool could use some petting, though 😉

  • The main booker needs to have a minimum age of 18 years old. 

  • If any other person comes (instead of the main booker) without informing us, we are allowed to refuse or cancel the booking, without refund. 

  • Our rooms are for a maximum of 2 persons (adults). In case more guests arrive, we are allowed to refuse or cancel the booking, without refund. In case you’d like to bring 1 child (up to 3 years), please inform us before. You can send a message to or +34 649 998 722. 

  • Check-in time is from 15.00. We will do our best to welcome you in person. If not, you will receive an instruction by WhatsApp on the day of arrival. Check-out time is 11.00. 
  • It is our private property and you’ll see us – every now and then – wander around the property or even share the pool with you. There’s no private pool.

  • We have zero tolerance when it comes to any illegal activity. In case anything happens, your stay will be determined directly without refund. In case safety of us / our other guests can’t be guaranteed, we will call the police. 

  • In case of cancellation we don’t do refunds. In case anything inconvenient happens, please inform us asap via We suggest you have a travel/cancellation insurance for these matters. 
  • We’d like to know who we welcome in our B&B. It also means that you are not allowed to invite any other people in our property.
  • Xàtiva has many nice restaurants. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner you can get in town. We don’t have fridges on the rooms nor amenities to prep your own meals.
  • Please keep in mind that you’re sharing the property with others, including possibly with other guest. Be respectful when it comes to noise. Also, the nature sounds are beautiful and shouldn’t be interrupted by any loud music. Between 21.00 – 09.00 it needs to be quiet. 

  • We will use your personal details (name + email address) for reservation-purposes only. 
  • Party’s on our property are not allowed. 
  • It’s not allowed to smoke in the rooms and we will charge 250 euros of cleaning fee. 
  • Airconditioning needs to switched off when you’re leaving the room. 
  • Please respect our privacy and don’t sit on our private patio / walk-in to our living room. There are signs on the property which parts you can use and which are private. 
  • If something breaks in the room, we are allowed to charge for any inconveniences. 
  • We can’t be held responsible for loss or damage of any of your personal belongings (including damage on your car on our private terrain). 

In case any of the rules are being violated, we can decide to cancel your stay without a refund. So far we’ve had the BEST guests who had  great times (and some of us we consider our friends by now :-)). That’s why we have our best trust in you and expect nothing but the best. 

…Oh wait, there’s one more rule: RELAX! You are on a well-deserved holiday and we will do everything in our power to make sure you leave completely rested.