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What if...

You no longer need a vacation from your holiday?

You are probably looking for an airbnb in Spain to relax after a full year of hard work. Guess what: you’ve deserved it! And we’re happy to facilitate this for you. That’s why we opened our brand new airbnb in Spain in June 2024: Finca Escondida. We’ll happily tell you more about our Bed and Breakfast in Xàtiva, Spain. 

About our Airbnb in Spain 

Imagine combining a beautiful property (finca) on a hidden (escondida) green land, 300 sunny days a year and comfortable rooms? Those are the ingredients for a success recipe which is called Finca Escondida. Our airbnb is situated in Xàtiva, in the Valencian region. Perfect to combine the vibrant city of Valencia (which is a 50-minute drive from our B&B) with the tranquility of Finca Escondida. 

Finca Escondida has 2 luxury guest rooms (with ensuite bathroom) which both have stunning views to the green, floral garden. In total there’s 3.200 m2 land filled with grass to chill (or to do some yoga on), fruit trees where you can grab some fruits during your stay and a shared pool. 

Why shared? Because we live on this land too. That way we can guarantee you a personal stay where we can give all our information about the Spanish culture, the area and of course the traditional city of Xàtiva. And we’ll serve you a fresh, vegetarian breakfast near the pool daily. Don’t worry: even though you’ll see us around, we will respect your privacy. But we are also open for a good conversation over a glass of wine. 

Want to know more about us? We’ll tell you all about us!

Airbnb Spain

One of the rooms (Koh Pha Ngan) in our Airbnb in Spain. As you can see, you’ll have stunning views from this room. You can sleep here with 1 or 2 persons. 

The facilities at our Airbnb in Spain summed up:

If you book at Finca Escondida, these are the facilities:

✓ Stunning views
✓ A super soft boxspring bed
✓ Bamboo sheets (super soft, super cool in summer and completely cruelty-free!)
✓ A private bathroom with rain shower
✓ Nespresso coffeemaker and a kettle
✓ A fresh, vegetarian breakfast by the pool
✓ An enormous (fruit) garden – where you can pick some fruits if you’d like
✓ Wifi + AC at the rooms 
✓ A tv with Chromecast – so you can stream your favorite shows. (Although we highly doubt you will use it – since there is so much to see and to do here!)

Why book directly on this website instead of via AirBnB?

Soon, you can find Finca Escondida via AirBnB. But, if you book directly with us, that would be extra helpful. Via AirBnB we have to pay high commissions. Which does make sense, but it also cuts back on our profits. By booking directly with us you are helping small entrepeneurs. And – very important – it helps us to not let our night prices go sky high. If we can keep our night prices affordable (because we have less costs) it’s a win-win situation! Via the reservations form you can book directly with us

What to do in & around this B&B in Xàtiva?

Want to explore the Valencian region a bit more? We can definitely support that! Jody – one of the B&B hosts – fell in love with this region in 2013. She had a traineeship in the city of Valencia. She loved the vibrant city and also visited towns around (including Xàtiva – little did she know back then). She always said: one day I will come back. And guess what? I didn’t only come back, I took Sander (the other B&B host ;-)) with me and started Finca Escondida. 

Xàtiva is a strategic place in the Valencian region. It’s a 50 minute-drive from the city of Valencia, where you can fly to. Other nice places to visit are the ricefields of Albufera, the beaches of Gandia, Alicante (you can also fly to here – it’s a 1,5 hour drive) and ofcourse a visit to the castle of Xàtiva is a must. We’re happy to tell you more about the region – or get inspired below with some of the highlights of this region. 

What you can do around our AirBnB in Spain

kasteel xativa

Castle of Xàtiva

Xàtiva is well-known for its castle ‘Castillo the Xàtiva’. It is a historic fortress located in the town – overlooking the surrounding countryside.  The castle has a rich and storied history dating back over a thousand years.

This fort is originally built by the Iberians and later expanded and fortified by the Romans, Visigoths and Moors, each leaving their mark on its architecture and design. In the Middle Ages, it became an important strategic stronghold for the Kingdom of Valencia, serving as a key defensive position against invading forces.

You can go here by car – it’s about 15 minutes by car to the top. Or walk within 30 minutes from the historic city centre. 

xativa centrum

Xàtiva's city centre

Although you might never heard from Xàtiva, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. The ‘Socarrats’ (the name of the inhabitants in this town) know how to throw a good party!

During summer they host ‘Fira the Agosto’, the August-festivities with fire works, a funfair and all kinds of events. During Christmas there is a big Christmas stall and Christmas market and during the year there are many parades – for example during ‘Fallas’ and ‘Los 3 reyes’ (3 kings). 

The city centre offers a variety in restaurants: from traditional Spanish food up to Italian and Indian restaurants. Oh – and in the weekend at night the terraces on the big market are packed! A must-go. 

gandia beach


Ready to rock the beach? Within 45 minutes you can dip your toes in the sand or the Mediterranian Sea. The closest beach is Gandia – with a broad boulevard that gives you an instant holiday feeling. The nearby Gandia-town is also nice to visit. 

Other beaches to visit are those in Cullera, Oliva or a bit further in Javea and Denia.


Valencia & Alicante

Xàtiva is located between Valencia and Alicante – and you can fly on both airports to stay at Finca Escondida. Valencia is about 50 minutes by car and Alicante takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car. 

Also, there’s a direct train line between Xàtiva and Valencia and takes about an hour to get here. Even better: in 2024 you only pay 10 euros per person for unlimited train rights on regional trains. We can help you get this low fare if you are here. 

We know all ins and outs about Valencia – and where to go. And we can give you a few insider-tips about Alicante too. Or you can just wander around yourselves, there’s enough to do. 

paella albufera

Albufera's rice fields

You can’t leave Spain without trying paella. The traditional rice dish is a typical lunch dish. The source of the rice is Albufera  – a national park 45 minutes away from Xàtiva. 

The ‘paella Valenciana’ is typical for this region and usually is prepared with rice, saffron, chicken, rabbit and some fresh vegetables. The fish-version is ‘paella marisco’ and for the vegetarians amongst us, more and more restaurants offer ‘paella de verduras’ (vegetable paella). 

And why not eat it right at it’s source? In the nature park you’ll find different villages where you can eat this dish freshly prepared. We are happy to make a reservation for you. 


A unique experience

This area has so much to offer. From hiking in ‘Chorradores’ or visiting the blue lakes of Guadalest. Looking for a personalized experience? We’ve got you covered! 

We can help you with booking excursions, make a personalized roadtrip or even planning your whole trip! Just contact us – and we’re happy to help.  

How to arrive at our Airbnb in Spain? 

When visiting Finca Escondida, you’ll need a car. Our finca is in the mountains, a 10 minute drive from the centre of Xàtiva. You can rent a car at the airports of Alicante or Valencia. Also, it makes you flexible when you’re going out for a bite in the city centre or exploring surrounding towns. 

If you’ve visited Spain before – you know that many streets are quite narrow. That’s also the case for our street. In case you don’t feel very certain – it’s best not to rent a big car. It will fit (even big trucks arrived at our place), but it can be a bit nerve wrecking. 

Next winter we’re planning to make an extra parking in our garden – with a wider entrance for cars. For now, trust the parking sensor 😉 or we can help you navigate through the gate.  Got any questions? You can send us an email by clicking on this link (we’ll respond within 2 business days) or send us a WhatsApp message (+34 649 998 722) – we’ll usually respond within 2 hours during the day.