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…not waking up from the miserable alarm clock, but from some chirping birds. Ah, you’re on holiday. Enjoy your stay in Xàtiva, at Finca Escondida.

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Meet the parents

We are Jody and Sander, world travelers by heart. In 2019 we exchanged our salaried jobs, social circle in the Netherlands and Sander’s apartment in Breda for adventure. We wanted to work where and when we wanted and ultimate freedom was our goal.

We worked from the most beautiful places (Thailand, Colombia and Mexico – to name a few) and learned a lot about ourselves and other cultures. In 2021 we stayed in Colombia and dreamed about our future home (and B&B) in Spain. We started doing some preliminary research to *someday* make that dream come true. Little did we know that, a few months later, we were already diving into the Spanish housemarket.

After dozens of viewings, several offers, a disappointment here and there and many lessons about the Spanish housing market, we finally found our dream home in Xàtiva. And from spring 2024 we will open our doors for all those adventurous travellers who want to stay in an authentic, luxury and cozy boutique B&B. 

Personal but private

What makes our B&B  unique compared with all the other ones? Well, I guess you have to find out yourself. Finca Escondida is one of a kind and the magic is hard to capture in a picture. The first time we entered this property we knew it right away: this is our new home! The mountains that surround the garden, the stunning views, beautiful fruit garden and cooling pool… you will feel the amazing energy and vibes. 

Furthermore, we love to pamper our guests. We love to keep it personal, but private. We will wait for you with a refreshing welcome drink, show you around the property, give some recommendations around town – and then we’ll leave you alone. So you can enjoy your holiday bubble in your temporary home, away from home. Questions, feedback or just a great conversation over a glass of wine? We are there, but we won’t invade your space. 

Jody & Sander